Shassha Danial

25 January 2012

Being A Kid Is Honest. :)

One day, 
a bunch of kid was play together. 
Kids arguing: 
"I hate you! I won't play with you again!" 
So they play apart. 
After a few minutes, they start play again and share toys. 
Because for kids, 
HAPPINESS is more important than PRIDE. 

Priceless kan? :') 

p/s 1; I miss my childhood moment. I miss my schoolmate, classmate, my crush, my teacher and everything. I miss being a kid without stress and what the only things I think that time was playing and playing and playing again! Heaven! KALAULAH BOLEH UNDUR MASA! HAHAHA. You wish! ;) 

p/s 2; Ouh by the way, Arsenal Sha kalah lagi. Dengan Manchester United. Hari tu kalah 8-2 game away. And untuk game home kalah 1-2 pula. What to do? Bola itu bulat kan? The lads already gave the best for the game. But no luck. I am happy and I enjoy the game so much! Thanks for the good game guys! #COYG! #AFC! I love you all especially my baby ROBIN! <3 Lepas ini kalau Sha sokong Newcastle United jangan terkejut pula. HAHAHA. :)) 

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